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04 steps to recreate yourself

As you may know, I am always recreating myself. All the changes I have had in my life have always challenged me and at the same time, I have never stopped facing them. The new was never something that scared me. Not that I don't like stability, in fact, I value balance a lot, but I never let the unknown paralyze me.

I believe that the uncertainties that the new represents can be new ​​opportunities, new things that may arise.

With the pandemic, I realized that many people were terrified by the uncertainties that the moment represented. I cannot fail to validate this created insecurity, but fear paralyzes us and prevents us from seeing what is good in everything.

We often cling to a comfort zone, even if it represents negative situations. And this attachment leads us to live a life at least more or less, that we do not give voice to what truly makes us happy. Sometimes because we are afraid of change, or because we don't think we are worthy of a better life, or because we grew up with the conversation that life is built with much sacrifice. That is what builds a series of limiting beliefs in our mind.

Often all these changes are a reflection of negative situations, which at the moment caused us pain, sadness, frustration, deprivation and anxiety. They can leave us scars or they can be the turning point for us to become the person we always wanted to be.

The good news is that we don't have to experience anything negative to shake up our lives. We can be proactive and prioritize or recreate ourselves.

On the other hand, you may even have achieved many things in your life, feel fulfilled and look to the future and see emptiness. You may also feel a personal demotivation that you may not understand the reason for, as you have had an almost perfect life so far.

In my view, we always have something to improve in our lives, we can always become a better person, we can always explore something new that makes us happy, discover our purpose and this self-knowledge immediately takes us to a stage of greater emotional well-being.

So, in my opinion, what you can do to start living the life you want.

1- Take responsibility for your past choices. Do not blame others or transfer responsibility. We all make mistakes and God is always there to forgive us. Assuming your responsibility will give you the opportunity to do differently in the future, to learn from your mistakes, and to strengthen yourself with your attitude of self-responsibility.

2- Explore all areas of your life, and reflect on what areas you can improve on, what you would like to do differently in the future.

3- Explore and identify your vision of life for your future. A life without a clear vision will lead you to live a life with a succession of unplanned and undesired events.

4- Set goals and objectives to be the person you need to live the life you desire. In my personal development coaching program, we explore a lot what my client wants to achieve in the future and the goals and objectives need to be clear.

In summary, regardless of our age, what we have already achieved, what we already live, and our current situation, in my view, we need to live a life with a purpose that inspires us, motivates us and to have the clarity of what we want, self-knowledge it is indispensable, as well as replacing thoughts that no longer serve us.

Our purpose, goals or objectives can change as our lives change or evolve, and so our work of personal transformation is ongoing.

When you learn the tools you can use for your personal growth, you will have the freedom to use them when you feel necessary without the need for follow-up.

Remember that a happier world will benefit everyone who is part of it, not just those who are happy.

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