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It is very difficult to calculate the amount of sugar we consume every day.

On the other hand, it is easy to observe the effects that sugar consumption has on us, our family and our population.

Although the implications of regular and excessive sugar consumption are widely publicized, we all have some difficulty in consuming less. This must be part of the fact that sugar creates a dependency on our body. To a lesser extent for some, and for others more acutely, where withdrawal from consumption has effects such as headaches.

This dependency has already been widely studied and proven by researchers in several countries including in the US.

Before you continue reading, I would like to invite you not to feel guilty about consuming so much sugar or products that contain sugar. In fact, we as consumers are harmed by a food industry that manufactures foods that allow food to taste and often cause dependence on it. Since, the industry knows the effects of sugar addiction and it is easy to achieve these goals.

So, leaving the guilty aside, and assuming a position in which we as consumers have the power to impact the demand on the food industry, I'd like to invite you to engage the movement to free us from the disease. This movement is called #sugarfree.

The first step in embracing this movement is to want to be healthier, have more energy and have more vitality.

Identify whether you or someone in your family may be dependent on sugar.

I list here some traits of behaviour that can affect this possibility.

o You feel like you need snacks throughout the day.

This may indicate that your glucose may be like a roller coaster, that is, with ups and downs, so you feel the need to snack several times a day.

o You consume several servings of fruit or fruit juice daily.

The fruit is also sugar. Consume in moderation following your individual needs and avoid fruit juice which is 100% sugar.

o Do you drink coffee frequently during your day to maintain your energy

If you do not have stable energy during the day, this can indicate fluctuations in your glucose and possible sugar addiction

o If you drink soft drinks at any kind, diet or zero regularly.

Even if it's theoretically sugar-free, it has harmful substances that are most often chemical substances and generate a greater compulsion for sweets. It does not alter glucose but induces continuous craving.

o If you experience chronic or continuous stress.

Continued stress causes blood levels of the hormone in the adrenal gland cortisol to be consistently elevated. Cortisol promotes hunger and cravings for sugar, and likewise, ingested sugar can increase cortisol levels. If the stress is continuous, the adrenal glands can become depleted, raise cortisol levels and cause adrenal fatigue, or that can trigger even more cravings for sugar and use.

o You feel like having sweets after or during meals.

If you cannot finish your meals without thinking about dessert, even if it is a fruit, there is a good chance that you are addicted to sugar! Craving sweets during or after a meal can cause a symptom of adrenal fatigue, SIBO (bacterial overgrowth of the small intestine) and sugar addiction.

o Desire carbohydrates early in the morning or evening

Eating a high-carb breakfast can go up and down the blood sugar roller coaster for the rest of the day, resulting in hunger and a craving for sugar.

your circumference, weight and BMI measurements

The body stores excess energy within the body as adipose tissue. This adipose tissue takes a long time to decompose, an end of supplying energy to the body.

If you have more sugar in your system than your body can use, that excess energy will be stored as fat.

Quitting sugar can cause some uncomfortable effects for a day or two. Many people do better by quitting gradually and others prefer going cold turkey. Regardless of the form, we know the emotional difficulty that accompanies this consumption habit.

Thinking about helping people to quit sugar and make a smooth transition where they can again consume sugar in a conscious and non-emotional way I created a 09-week program detox that soon will be available in English.

The Sugar Detox helps those who wish to quit sugar more drastically at the beginning and also those who prefer to gradually quit along the 09 weeks. If you wish to be notified when this program is available in English, please subscribe to our newsletter here.

When we manage to win this battle, in addition to contributing to our health and for our family, we will be contributing to a better world.

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