When we talk about self-care, usually we think first in taking care of our appearance. This is indeed very valuable, but I believe our first step should be to take care of ourselves internally.

Making ourselves a priority doesn’t mean we are being selfish but valuing who we are.

Sometimes, we all say Yes, when we mean NO. Just because we want to please someone or avoid conflicts.

If you find it’s difficult for you, maybe we can start from the outside. When we start giving our body regularly a dose of self-care, we will be sending a message to our brain that we are ready to take care of ourselves internally.

Here is a suggestion of how you can start.


Body scrubbing can be done before or after your bath or shower, or anytime during the day.

All you need is a sink with hot water and a medium-sized cotton washcloth.

For maximum benefits, scrub your body twice a day: once in the morning and once again in the evening. Scrub for 2-20 minutes, depending on how much time you have.

The process of hot towel scrubbing has a deeper physical, mental and emotional effect when done at the sink as opposed to in the shower.


1- Turn on the hot water and fill the sink.

2- Hold the towel at both ends and place it in the hot water.

3- Wring out the towel.

4- While the towel is still hot and steamy, begin to scrub the skin gently.

5- Do one section of the body at a time: for example, begin with the hands and fingers, then work your way up the arms to the shoulders, neck and face, then down to the chest, upper back, abdomen, lower back, buttocks, legs, feet, and toes.

6- Scrub until the skin becomes slightly pink or until part becomes warm.

7- Reheat the towel often by dipping it in the hot water after scrubbing each section, or as soon as it starts to cool.


· Reduces muscle tension

· Re-energizes in the morning and deeply relaxes at night

· Opens the pores to release stored toxins

· Softens deposits of hard fat below the skin and prepares them for discharge

· Allow excess fat, mucus, cellulite, and toxins to discharge rather than accumulate around vital organs

· Relieves stress through meditative action of rubbing the skin

· Calms the mind

· Promotes Circulation

· Activates the lymphatic system, especially when scrubbing the underarms and groin

· Benefit from this moment and add one or two drops of lavender essential oil to promote a more refreshing and calming atmosphere.

· Creates a profound and loving relationship with the body, especially parts not often shown care, and especially for a person with body image problems.

· Moves energy through the chakras.


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